The Spex Expression Difference

The Spex Difference means that we treat you like family because we’re a family business. Located in Sycamore, IL, our eye doctors and professional staff consider your vision to be the most important issue when you walk into our vision center. At Spex we want to be certain that your vision is the clearest it can possibly be and protected as much as it needs to be. If that means new glasses, contacts, or sunglasses, we’ll make sure you get what you need and work with your insurance company the entire time.

Your appointment starts with your eye examination

Your vision is precious, and at Spex Expressions, Dr. Frank and Dr. Marczewski ensure your eye appointment includes a comprehensive eye exam tailored to your individual needs.

The eye doctors at Spex Expressions are known for their exceptional diagnostic skills and treatment of various eye conditions including conjunctivitis, glaucoma and astigmatism.

Our eye doctors are ready to test for and treat various eye conditions because eye care is not only our business; it’s what we care the most about. We have diagnosed and treated patients with degenerative eye diseases at very young ages, allowing them to make lifestyle changes that could be the difference between vision and blindness.

When it comes to the latest vision technology, we spare no expense.  If we believe there is a technology that has the potential to improve the sight of our patients, we will get it.

Your eye exam will include testing for:

  • Muscle imbalance (“lazy eye”)
  • Color deficiency
  • Neurological defects (stroke, palsy, double vision)
  • Depth perception (3D vision)
  • Ocular health of the front and back of the eye, including diabetes, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
  • Refraction – prescription for your glasses or contact lenses
  • Curvature of the front of the eye, which is helpful for certain eyeglasses or contact lenses
  • There are many medication you may take that can affect your vision. Please bring a list of all medications so we can review your medical history.

In addition, digital photos, visual field screenings and optical coherence tomography and other advanced techniques will be done to offer a complete assessment of your eye’s health and vision needs.