Men’s Frames

Brand name eyewear

During your eye appointment, we’ll improve your vision and ensure you walk out looking your best with a new set of frames. Spex Expressions carries the designer glasses and men’s frames perfect for complimenting your unique look including: Nike, Gucci, Coach and Ray Ban.

With over 800 frames in stock, we have one of the largest selections in our area. Some of our current brand names include:

Claiborne for MenNikeFlexon
GottiZero GEvatik
OakleyTom FordTimex
Ray BanNauticaPenguin
Ted BakerLightecChampion

men's framesSquare Face

A square-shaped face has a prominent forehead and strong jaw line. The length and width of the square face is usually about equal, and the chin is angular.

Glasses with soft, round lines or minimal frames will look best on your square face. Oval or circular frames can be a nice contrast, and rimless horizontal frames can also help play up your strong features.


Round Face

The round face is equal in length and width, but with much softer angles. Cheeks are usually full on a round-shaped face, and facial features are often delicate.

Slightly angular and rectangular frames will help add length to a round face. Square-ish frames are fine, but avoid anything with overly harsh lines that might emphasize roundness.

mensovalfaceOval-Shaped Face

Oval faces are the most common and versatile. The chin is slightly narrower than the forehead, and proportions are balanced overall. High cheekbones are a typical feature of oval-shaped faces.

Just about any frame can work with an oval-shaped face, so find the style you feel most comfortable wearing and enjoy! . Choose frames that are broader than the widest part of your face. Remember: Your eyes should sit in the center of the glasses, not too close to the top or bottom.


Heart-Shaped Face

A wide forehead, narrow chin, and high cheekbones characterize the heart face. The jaw line is narrow as well, making this a more challenging.

Rounder frames will help balance the wide forehead. Because this shape can be difficult to complement with frames, consider rimless glasses, too.