Want to be free from glasses and contacts during the day?

OrthoK may be the solution you’re looking for.

What is OrthoKeratology (OrthoK)?

OrthoK is a technique in which a GP contact lens is worn at night only while the patient is sleeping. As the patient sleeps, it molds the shape of the cornea so when removed in the morning, no vision correction is needed during the day.

OrthoK is proven to prevent the progression of myopia/nearsightedness in children. If you child is myopic, we can halt his/her prescription from getting higher and decreasing the likelihood of him/her having eye diseases and issues as an adult.

Am I a candidate for OrthoK?

OrthoK is FDA approved for patients of all ages. OrthoK is best for children and adults who are nearsighted and have mild to moderate astigmatism. They are an option for those who play sports or those who don’t want to wear contacts or glasses during the day. OrthoK is a good option for those too young for LASIK or refractive surgeries or who are unsure they would like a surgical procedure. Again, it is the ideal correction for children who are increasingly becoming more nearsighted.

What is the process?

The doctor will take a picture of the front part of your eye and design contact lenses individualized for you only. No one else can wear these lenses. Our staff will teach you how to put on and remove your contacts and how to care for them. We will see you back for a follow-up within one week of starting, then every week or two after until you are comfortable with your vision and the doctor is satisfied with the results.

It will take a few weeks for your eyes to fully adjust to the correction. It is not an instantaneous change. We will help you through the process and make sure you are seeing clearly to drive and complete your daily needs. It may take a few lenses or “molds” until the doctor and you are satisfied with the vision and results.

Is OrthoKeratology expensive?

OrthoK lenses are created with sophisticated technology and programming creating contact lenses individualized to each patient at our office. OrthoK lenses and fitting fees are more expensive than soft contacts at first, but OrthoK lenses do not usually need to be replaced annually, and glasses are not needed for daily use. Long term costs tend to be lower with OrthoK.

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