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Our Doctors

At Spex Expressions we know what it’s like to trust someone with your vision. Selecting an eye doctor can be a process, especially when you worry about the eye care of yourself and your children. For these reasons Spex Expressions considers the eye care of our patients to be our primary concern.


Dr. Frank | Optometrist in Sycamore, IL


Dr. Jeffrey Frank graduated from Indiana University with a degree in undergraduate studies and went to graduate school at the Illinois College of Optometry (where he met his wife and partner, Dr. Kristy Marczewski, which, he says, was “the best decision of my life”).

Dr. Frank graduated with honors from the Illinois College of Optometry and is a member of Beta Signal Kappa honor society, the Illinois Optometric Association, and the American Optometric Association.

Dr. Frank enjoys running and being with his family, traveling or going to the city for a museum visit, and is a big fan of Indiana sports – college and professional.

As an eye care professional, he believes that giving the gift of sight to his patients is a blessing, which is why he chose to open a vision center center in Sycamore, IL and dedicate his life eye care.

Dr. Marczewski | Optometrist in Sycamore, IL


Dr. Kristy Marczewski is a Chicago native who did her undergraduate studies at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Like Dr. Frank, she also decided to dedicate her life to eye care, and earned her her postgraduate degree at the Illinois College of Optometry. Dr. Marczewski has extensive experience in contact lenses, pediatrics, ocular disease, and pre-and post-op LASIK.

Dr. Marczewski is also a member of the Illinois Optometric Association and the American Optometric Association, and has a passion for the care of her patients as well as development of long-term relationships with them.

When she’s not dedicating time to her patient’s eye care, Dr. Marczewski enjoys spending time with her family, exercising, watching movies, and just being outdoors.

As an optometrist, she likes making a difference in her patient’s lives – seeing their faces when they realize how they should have been seeing the world with corrected vision.

Dr. Hardesty -- Optometrist and Eye Care professional in Downers Grove, IL

Dr. Hardesty | Optometrist in Downers Grove, IL

Dr. Leonard Hardesty, O.D.

Dr. Hardesty opened his first practice (Eye Care Associates) in 1976 after graduating with honors from the Illinois College of Optometry. Dr. Hardesty has DPA and TPA certifications. He offered his efforts and help building this profession to new heights with many trips to Springfield and developed long term friendships that helped shape the future of Optometry. He is a member of the American Optometric Association (AOA), the AOA Contact Lens Section, the AOA Sports Vision Section, the Illinois Optometric Association, and the West Suburban Optometric Society. He is also a member of the American Diabetic Association. Dr. Hardesty has been a leader in the field of how nutrition can maintain vision for a lifetime.

Dr. Hardesty has collaborated with several doctors in his 41 years in practice.  He has developed a circle of expertise with retina, cataract, glaucoma, and neuro-ophthalmic specialists.  Most recently forming Hardesty Eye Care & Associates, he discusses with every patient the importance of “Preservation of Vision”teaching each patient using images and scanning technology visible in the exam room.

Dr. Hardesty’s goal is to work with the doctors in the forefront of the latest eye care advancements. This includes connecting general health to a persons’s eyes and vision.

His practice includes patients of all ages. The younger population might benefit from glasses or contacts for better reading and success in sports. For the older population there might be disease factors like glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration or dry eyes that affect their vision. He also provides patients with difficult to fit, scleral and complex contact lenses.

Dr. Loydall | Optometrist and Eye Care Professional in Downers Grove, IL

Dr. Loydall | Optometrist in Downers Grove, IL

Dr. Viktoria Loydall, O.D.

Dr. Viktoria Loydall graduated with a Bachelor’s in Science from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. She pursued her dream and earned her doctorate at the Illinois College of Optometry. She is currently a member of the Illinois Optometric Association (IOA) and American Optometric Association. She is part of the Fox Valley Optometric society and is on the membership committee for the IOA. Locally, she is a member of the Downers Grove Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Loydall loves to work with children of all ages. As she is a certified WAVE contact lens designer, Dr. Loydall regularly fits children in OrthoKeratology lenses to help prevent the progression of myopia/nearsightedness. She is passionate about her career in optometry and looks forward to helping each member of your family see more clearly, whether it be with glasses, contacts, or with the proper medical care of eye diseases. Notably, she is trained to treat dry eye, glaucoma, and keratoconus, among other ocular diseases.

When she is not dedicating her time to being an eye care professional, she enjoys spending time with her family, including her husband and son. Her hobbies include cooking, bike riding, and spending time outdoors.